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Grabrilla is a funny game with nice graphics, cute sound and a charming character to associate
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21 January 2008

Editor's review

For all those who are simply repulsed by the very thought of all the violence, gore and bloodshed associated with most of today’s games, Grabrilla 2.0 is well capable of putting a smile on their face with its unique, fun and highly entertaining offering. Coming from the house of MyPlayCity, this game has won the hearts of thousands of admirers ever since it was first launched a few years back.

Like most other titles from MyPlayCity, Grabrilla is also one of those small scale games which may not attract the hardcore gamer population too much, but nonetheless, it has all the elements in it to qualify itself for being termed as a pretty effective tool to kill leisure time.

Upon being launched, Grabrilla 2.0 opens up with the main menu located at the center of the window. The graphics is outstanding for a small scale game of its stature to have. And to complement the amazing visual aspect, the game is also equipped with a cute sounding soundtrack that goes perfectly well with the funny gameplay. The main character in the game is a cute and funny gorilla named Grabrilla. The main objective of the player in the game is to hit a few distant stones with coconuts. It may sound easy and not that interesting, but once you give it a shot, only then you can anticipate the true level of enjoyment you are certain to extract from the game. The difficulty keeps on increasing with every passing levels, and you will definitely have to practice to get through the later stages in the game.

All in all, one monster of a fun game to indulge in. Hence it will be unfair to give it a score any lower than four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Grabrilla is a funny game with nice graphics, cute sound and a charming character to associate with. A lovely gorilla is busy with hitting the stones with a coconut. The crafty mammal is spectacular, especially its amazing plastique, hazard and passion for gaming. The target is getting more and more unachievable with every new level. A number of levels of difficulty allow you to perfect your skills up to a real state of art. Improve your motor activity and reaction force together with a charismatic animal. The game developers took pains and laid themselves out to satisfy the needs of a true gamer. Enjoy yourself playing the unique Grabrilla game absolutely for free!
Version 2.0
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